Podcasts: They’re Free!

If you’re not into podcasts yet, you should be! You can get a laugh, be entertained, learn a new language, or just get a welcome respite from every day life. Below are my current favorite podcasts; share yours in the comments below!


The Morning Stream
A daily podcast covering news, gaming, entertainment, & more! I especially love Thursdays where Scott’s sister (a therapist) comes on to answer questions.
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Hosted by Scott Aukerman, CBB is full of great comedians — some known, some not — and irreverent sketches. Not for children or open offices.


A comedian and a doctor take us through the history of medicine and disease; informative and hilarious.
Oh No Ross & Carrie
As their subtitle states, they show up so we don’t have to. They investigate fringe claims and beliefs and we get to learn from their experiences.

Game/Quiz Shows

Ask Me Another
One of two NPR podcasts on my list, this is a more general quiz-type of show, but still brings in celebrity guests and spices it up with musical parodies.
Go Fact Yourself
More celebrities, more embarassing questions. They ask about topics they might know and topics they know noting about – to the amusement of everyone.


This podcast focuses only on maximizing your happiness — by organizing, learning hacks, or just recognizing what you already have.
Meditation Oasis
My favorite guided meditation podcast out there — so many different episodes so you can really focus on what you need in that session.

Politics & Current Events

Wait wait… Don’t Tell Me!
Another quiz show from NPR, but this one focuses on current events. Featuring comedians and real life contestants, this is an oldie but a goodie.
Throwing Shade
LGBT and Feminist issues through a comedic lens. As they say, they treat these issues with “much less respect than they deserve.”