Live Yourself Tenets

These are the work-in-progress tenets I’m trying to live my best life by. Create your own and make sure every day you’re doing something designed to be for you, by you.

Me time is Mandatory.

Becoming a wife and a mother has never convinced me more that I am an introvert who needs recharge time like. no. other. Finding activities that allow me to be with me, myself, and I are great energy boosts. I can be so much more if I give time to myself. That may mean at home, on a walk, or going somewhere fun. The key part is that I’m devoting time to myself.

Money doesn’t equal Fun.

In fact, most often, money equals stress for me. Sometimes treating myself will cost money, but when it doesn’t, it’s even better. And this also allows me to do cheap things and still find joy in them. It could be something that costs nothing — the park, library, etc. — or it could even involve the act of saving money itself! Sometimes my favorite thing is to see how much I can save on my grocery bill. Or see what I can find at Goodwill on Sunday mornings when the 50% color changes over. 😉

Move it or Lose it.

I have to find ways of moving my body or it’ll be gone before I’d like it to be. It could be anything from yoga to running to a full on Core de Force routine. It feels good, I feel accomplished, and I look better every day I do it. This isn’t to say I can motivate myself to do it every day. Sometimes loving myself means letting exercise slide. But I’d like this to be a regular part of my routine so I’m trying my hardest to continue pressing play.

Love Yourself.

The site is a play on this theme, because I’m finally trying to live myself, but loving myself is part of that. I’m trying to be more encouraging, self-positive, and standing up for my mind & emotions. This means that when I’m hurt — I say it. When I need time to myself — I ask for it. When I need someone to treat me differently — I let them know. I’m not meek Amy anymore, who is ruled by her emotions and the fear of what might happen if she speaks up. It’s time to cheer for me!