Ibotta Rebates Saved Me 84% at Express!

As I posted about last month, I have been using my app rebates to purchase gift cards to use in my quest to revamp my closet. Since I’ve signed up for email alerts from Express (sometimes good, sometimes bad idea), I have been getting Sunday-night bonus clearance emails offering an additional percentage off their clearance […]

Treating Yourself to Avoid Burnout (and an Ibotta Story!)

Sometimes saving is easiest when you have a goal in mind. It can get tedious cutting coupons, redeeming rebates, and having an eagle eye at checkout – it’s a big reason people get coupon fatigue and burn out. But when you have a savings goal, you are constantly striving toward something and each step along […]

Ibotta Tip: Having Trouble Scanning the UPC Label?

Ibotta has been a recent favorite of mine, with the surge of their “any brand” rebates. However, with all the scanning I’ve been doing, I’ve found that it’s sometimes hard to scan the UPC labels on certain products. And if you have a shaky hand – at all – it can get frustrating very fast. […]