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If you’ve been reading oh amy, dear! for any length of time, you know that even when it came to my wedding, I tried to save money. And I loathe the pressure the WIC (wedding industrial complex) puts on couple to do things the “right” or “perfect” way. Your wedding is your wedding and nobody […]

A Bunch of Stuff Happened… And That Brings Us Up to Date

Whew! At this time next week I will be in a wedding dress, marrying Clark, and enjoying a (hopefully sunny) fall Saturday. In the past few months we’ve been feverishly preparing for the wedding. This rush is due in equal parts to moving, finances, unfortunately late problems, and procrastination. But here we are, one week […]

The Centerpieces Are Ready for their Close-up

This past weekend helped test drive some of my decorating ideas and gave me the opportunity to plan more with my mom and FSIL. I’m getting very excited about completing more crafts and I can’t wait to get a jump on invitations. I just love decorating with my hands! Although these beauties aren’t quite complete […]

The Budget Doesn’t Stop at the Wedding

Trying to plan a budget wedding involves saving, not going into debt, and trying your hardest to not pay retail. But why let those efforts stop at just the wedding? In order to save money for the wedding, it may be necessary to cut in other parts of your life. Enter couponing! You might be […]

Tick tock! Today is our Three-Month Mark

This Wednesday marked the final step in completing our new grown-up apartment – we had a washer and dryer installed and have gotten through the mountains of laundry that accumulated since moving in. That definitely took a big stress off our shoulders, but never fear – like energy, the stress never goes away, it just […]