Whatever pain you are feeling in this moment is not you. It is something you have, something you’re processing, something passing through… but it is not you. The action of being and the presence of being are two different things. You can be afraid and not be afraid at the same time.

Learning to live with a state and not be in that state is a constant struggle of mine. Drop your tips for me and others below.


Sometimes the ugly seems so impossible to get through. And then, lightness peeks out and a brief moment of beauty can be seen.

This rainbow in your life is there because against the backdrop of the rain, it drowns out the noise with its beauty. It serves to show you that in the dark, there is light. In weakness, there is strength. In anger, there can be calm.

Where have you seen a rainbow lately? What good can we shine out to balance the bad?


I have anxiety. It does not have me. That means I am both subject to anxiety and am able to control it. Sometimes that control comes in the form of breathing exercises, movement, or stillness. Other times it happens through mental processing or talking it out in therapy. Daily it means taking my prescribed medication, including those that aren’t just for my anxiety. Keeping on top of my allergies helps me feel more awake throughout the day and less likely to want to nap.

Whatever form your control takes, I encourage you to figure out how and why it works for you so that you can continue to use it in a healthy manner.


This year, and especially the last few months/weeks/days… have been especially tiring. I know it’s been hard for everyone, but it has been especially hard for our BIPOC communities, women, LGBTQ+, disabled, and those experiencing mental and/or economic hardships.

I am beyond happy that we got to celebrate this weekend. Our celebration was not an indication that the fight is over, but that the fight is possible. But please be sure not to burn yourself out. The happiness takes just as much energy as the sadness. So take care of yourselves, rest, and come back ready to work. Because the work is going to continue. We just have a path forward now.


It took me a long time to be okay with this statement. I am a lifelong perfectionist, and also a sufferer of anxiety, which makes for a hell of a combination.

In all reality the combination is not so uncommon. People who deal with anxiety are often perfectionists and frequently deal with the combined frustration of never feeling like what you did was good enough. So then you end up just stopping, instead of powering through and accepting that progress is good. Progress is important and meaningful and is the only thing that will get us to our goals. Rough draft are rough for a reason. Some polish, some practice, some mileage. That’s all I need.