Watch Video and Print RARE $1 NYC Makeup Coupon

I’m coming off a coupon high today: cheap Almay makeup because of store sales, coupons, and points deals; almost free beautiful nail polish from Wet & Wild; another free kinesiology tape; and a great deal on some sugar free drink mixes. I love. great. deals. on makeup. So you can imagine how excited I am […]

Turning “Need to Gets” into Bigger Savings!

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time or seen my brag photos on Facebook, you’ll know that Sundays at Walgreens are some of my favorite times of the week. It’s the first day of a brand new sale and the shelves are stocked – prime time for savings! It works out great […]

New Month, New Coupons! Print July Offers Now!

July is here, and that means new coupons from! I’ve pasted some of the best ones below for you to easily access (sorted by category), but don’t forget to check out on your own more great savings!   BABY & TODDLER   BEVERAGES

Using the Whole Bird: Chicken Tortilla Soup (and more)

A couple days ago I was able to score a great deal on a whole chicken – $1.49/lb + 30% off on clearance, paying around $5.00. My husband had been wanting to learn how to butcher a chicken, and I’m always excited to discover new cooking skills, so away we went! After he cut it […]

Tick tock! Today is our Three-Month Mark

This Wednesday marked the final step in completing our new grown-up apartment – we had a washer and dryer installed and have gotten through the mountains of laundry that accumulated since moving in. That definitely took a big stress off our shoulders, but never fear – like energy, the stress never goes away, it just […]