Mission: Oh Amy, Dear strives to help singles, couples, and families save on the essentials, the fun stuff, and everything in between!

aug2015photoAbout Amy: Amy is a young professional whose day job is in technology at a nonprofit in Portland, OR.

About the site: Amy created this site to help her document the struggles and secrets to planning a wedding on a tight budget. After she married Clark (a wonderful author), it morphed into a general and family savings blog, meant to help others learn from her mistakes and get the inside scoop on tricks of the savings trade. Learn about why Amy coupons.

About the logo: The oh amy, dear! logo is used on all platforms: the web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is an original creation and is placed on all website images. The logo and the images it is placed on must not be modified when shared or reused. Any reuse must be approved (contact Amy for approval). Learn more about the creation of the logo.

Note: Referral links are included throughout the oh amy, dear! blog. If you click through them and print coupons, download an app, or make a purchase, the site makes a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you but it helps keep the lights on here. Your support is appreciated. Ask about referral links for your blog!

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