Halfway through my “LIVE Workout” Challenge

Ring the alarm — March 1 marks the official halfway point of my “60 in 60” challenge! I committed to 60 workouts between February 1 and April 1, all on our amazing BOD Interactive platform. I’m 30 days in and not losing steam!

Have you been following the same trainer or program for a WHILE and feel a little… unenthusiastic about your workouts? Or, maybe you LOVE a trainer who hasn’t come out with a program in a while, so you’re doing other programs you don’t really LOVE while you wait for their next, new thing. Newsflash: doing a program you hate just to finish it is not going to win you any medals. Not finding success with a program or trainer should not make you feel like a failure… you just may need something NEW!

The workouts change daily, offer a variety of schedules, and are LIVE, which brings an energy I have never felt before. You don’t need to be on camera to join live, but for me it pushes me to be “on” for the full 30 minutes.

Here are a few of my favorite BODi things:

  • 🙌Live workouts & recordings of a workout you may have missed! On Demand, baby!
  • 🙌Trainer-customized playlists with actual popular music (not just a backing track!)
  • 🙌Not feeling “behind” if I have to skip or switch a day
  • 🙌Nutrition resources! There are new weekly recipes and lots of live planning!

Good March 1: If you want to shake up your fitness routine in 2022, but don’t want to commit to one program, you don’t have to! Now you can try BODi for free for 14 days before committing and I totally suggest you do. Go here to sign up for your trial before it expires: 14 Day Free Trial.

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