Fiery Inspiration

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to meet another important redhead in my life… Jericho McMatthews. I attended my first large in-person event since the panorama started (masks on) and was able to sit in on a personal Q&A, follow a live SNEAK PEEK training from her upcoming program (Fire & Flow — coming in May!), and connect with people for the first time in too long.

I stepped outside for a bio break and was able to grab a quick word with Jericho about how she’d inspired me in Beachbody. We connected about being redheads and honestly — it was like speaking to the mirror, lol. We’re the most unique combination in the world – red hair and blue eyes – and we need more anesthesia. 🤣

A huge, group sweaty selfie after an intense, fiery cardio workout with Jericho!

But also, we have fiery spirits that can be loud and explosive, or quiet and smoldering. And that is just perfect for her upcoming program — she’s the Fire and Elise will bring the Flow. I can’t wait to see what progress this brings to mine and my team’s journey.

As I mentioned, we wore masks throughout the entire event, according to city and convention center protocol. But that “circumstance” just pushed me harder. It made me appreciate my ability to even BE there, and gave me an opportunity to show that I could “do” even if the hurdles suggested that I “don’t.”

Because really, that’s my story. Over and over again. My anxiety brain likes to put up hurdles – some small, some big – and tells me that I can’t do it, or if I try I’ll fail. But these workouts, these trainers, MY TEAM… have all told me those hurdles are just my imagination. They’re a mirage. Sometimes they may even give me comfort, but they aren’t sustainable. Every time I achieve a small win, those hurdles sink a little lower.

Let’s light it up!

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