Right in the Middle of the Rhythm

Next week will be my daughter’s last week of school before winter break, just when I felt like we just got started and into a rhythm! Kate has really found her niche here in her new classroom and I’m happy that her time away is being used productively. She even earned enough “Shadow Bucks” last week to choose a toy. She’s really making a lot of progress.

And then comes… Winter Break.

She thrives off of structure, so in the absence of that, I’m first and foremost worried about her falling a bit behind. It’s only two weeks, but the one week Thanksgiving break already started to get a bit hairy, so I’m worried for this break as well. We’ve talked with her teacher to get access to apps at home that will reinforce all the same activities she’s doing in class.

However, it’s also near impossible to get hours of productive work in for my day job with her at home. So, in addition to the week my work gives off between Christmas and New Year’s, I’ll also be taking PTO so I’m off at the same time as her. Her father is home as well, but she definitely knows how to get into my office and knows I’m home, so… 😀

Any tips for keeping kiddos busy during the break? Especially for Autistic kiddos who need consistency and structure? Open to the hive mind’s ideas!

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