Today is World Mental Health Day and I want to use this opportunity to encourage any of you who are considering seeing a therapist or pursuing medical treatment for your mind to… DO IT. I started at 33 and though I will always be a work in progress, I am proof positive that you can begin anywhere, anytime, and it’s never too late.

I was afraid, worried what people would think of me, worried the stigma would follow me everywhere. I thought a therapist could never understand me. Hell, I’d gone three decades feeling that way — why would I think anything different?

I was concerned about the possible side effects from medication. I was worried I’d lose my mind. I didn’t realize that the only way I’d lose it was if I didn’t decide to take control.

If you have questions about finding a therapist that works with your schedule, insurance, needs, fears, etc… please reach out. Everyone needs a safe space for their mind to heal and grow. Use today to take that first step.


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