New Year, New Amy!

This is a comment I’ve heard from others many times since the ball dropped on January 1. It’s not untrue. I want to be new. I want to be free. I want to be better. And I can’t keep things in my life that aren’t helping that journey. The good news — there’s a lot to be excited about this year.

I will be intentional.

It’s a word I’ve seen ALL OVER lately, but I got set on this last fall in my final project management class. Go to work with intentionality. Greet your family with intentionality. Choose causes with intentionality. Set one foot in front of the other, intentionally choosing where YOU want to go.

I want to walk through life with more purpose, but not one given to me by someone else. I want to make intentions and follow through on them.

I will be defined.

This goes for my abs as well as my mind. My long-term 2020 fitness goal is to have defined abs — however that turns out. But this year I’ll be turning 35 and it’s going to be a big year for me mentally and emotionally. I don’t need to know who I’m always going to be, I just want to know me better now.

I will empower & let fly.

I have a tendency to keep doing for others even when they can do for themselves. At best, I just enable them never fully learning. At worst, I can end up getting really hurt along the way. So I’m not settling for less than I’m worth. I will empower others with knowledge, and when I know they’re capable, let them fly.

Sometimes that looks like pushing a coworker to embrace a new task. Sometimes it means setting boundaries to protect myself and my family. But when the knowledge is given or the request clearly made, it’s irresponsible to not act upon it. To know and not do is the same as not knowing.

NamaSLAY 2020, folks!

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