Lessons from Anna

Over winter break we took Kate to see Frozen II with her grandparents. It was such a fun experience, despite her obvious desire to run around the theater. I must admit, I also was taken by the story and struggles being referenced. Putting societal commentary aside (though there’s certainly room for that discussion), what really resonated with me was one of Anna’s songs.

Without spoiling too much, Anna finds herself in a cold, dark, place — seemingly lost to her friends and sister. She feels hopeless and anxious, with no idea how to move on. Cue the Disney music…

I bawled in the theater to this song, seeing my own struggles and depression and hopelessness. It inspired me to create the featured image on this blog post and share it with you all. It’s such an important message — when you don’t know what to do, you can do one thing. The first thing. And then the next. Until you’re where you want to be.

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  1. I love you, Amy, Dear???✝️
    It is dark in this world many times. But I find hope in Jesus Christ that brings the truest hope and Light in my hurting soul. He Cares about you and me and all of us. ????✝️

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