Introducing: Coach Amy

That’s right — I’m a fitness coach! Does that mean I know all the workouts and do them flawlessly and never press pause? Hell no. But it does mean I commit to my health & journey and I want to help you on yours too.

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself: I’m Amy and I’m a 34-year-old mom and wife in Portland, Oregon. My day job is at a nonprofit as a technology analyst and project manager. I get so much out of my growth in that organization, but work ≠ life, so I needed more progress at home to really feel fulfilled in my personal development.

I attend weekly therapy sessions and take medications to handle my generalized anxiety. It’s a daily battle and it doesn’t stop just because I got one treatment. Every day I wake up and decide to take care of myself. Back in January my wonderful friend (& coach!) told me about this fitness program that did wonders for her anxiety. What could it do for me?

I started BeachBody with Clean Week, then went on to 21 Day Fix. I completed 8 weeks of PiYo then did some hybrid months of yoga & Core de Force before I landed on my true love: Morning Meltdown 100. This is the program I’m doing right now, but to look back at that list I just wrote makes me feel SO accomplished. In less than a year, I went from “I’ll never work out” and torturing myself through anxiety attack mornings to getting up at 5am so I can move my body and prepare my mind & body for the day.

And that brings me here. With you. And you’re reading this thinking, “so this is what Amy has been doing with all these posts.” Yep. You caught me — and I’m going to continue. Because being honest with my journey and struggle can serve as an example for others. Whose coach am I?

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