Fit Your Friends Into Your Life

If you follow my personal Facebook, you know I had a ton of fun with my friends this morning taking photos on the waterfront and working out together. You know we sweat it out and enjoyed the weather. What you may not see is that I almost didn’t go. Another anxiety attack this morning left me nauseous and having slept little the night before didn’t help. But, I knew that I was committed to spending more time with my friends and today’s event was the perfect opportunity to do so.

One of the friends I was with has been my friend for over a decade. We were sorority sisters, then roommates, and now both mothers. When I saw the benefit she was getting from her fitness journey, there was little I could argue with. She introduced me to a new friend who is also on an incredible journey, fostering children and building her own photography business. These women are also fitness coaches who share their real struggles in an effort to grow together. I’m so happy to have them in my life and purposely make time for them on a gorgeous Sunday morning.

Below are a few photos from Laurel at LB Photography, as well as a video of my Instagram story from today’s shenanigans.

Breakfast, Photos, and Beachbody Super Weekend!
My friend of 13 years, Bethany, and me overlooking the Willamette River. Photo credit: LB Photography, Inc.
You can’t watch as much ANTM as I have and not at least try a smize. Photo credit: LB Photography, Inc.
WARRIOR. Photo credit: LB Photography, Inc.
This was my favorite from Laurel’s sneak peek this evening. I am LOVING my core progress. H2T, baby. Photo credit: LB Photography, Inc.

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