Just a reminder I need to practice the best self care anyone has ever practiced!

Life is hard. That’s true enough, but compared to my usual hard, it’s extra hard for me right now. There’s so much I want to happen and so little I have control over. And the anxiety, stress, and depression are at times too much to bear. When you hear the words that others say, comparing your feelings to others, putting you in a place you don’t see yourself, etc. — it feels like your honest truth is being gaslighted. Sometimes it just helps to have validation. To have someone tell you that what you’re going through IS hard, but you can keep going.

I just assessed myself on the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory and, unsurprisingly, scored in the highest group. That’s not a good thing this time! I scored 518, which puts me firmly in the predictability group for having an 80% chance of a health breakdown in the next two years. One, that is scary as hell. My current life is literally killing me. And the people who could help won’t. But two, the only control I can take is to own my mind and body and commit to keeping on. To embrace my progress and rise above. When they go low…

The necklace in the featured image on this post is from MiaMoo.org, a website run to raise awareness and funds for treatments of cleft lip and palate. It was given to me by my sister-in-law years ago. My wonderful niece was born with a cleft palate in China and her parents were proud to bring her home and provide her with the surgeries she didn’t have access to in her birth country. If you’re interested in purchasing a necklace or learning more, check out The Mia Moo Fund.