I’m reading a YA book now that involves demons going through dimensions, and silver existing as a “grounding” device for a creature. If they have it, they can’t completely disintegrate. So it’s been on my mind lately as I go through what I’m hoping is just the rough “part” of my year. I don’t know what my silver is, but I know I desperately look for it every day. And today it was just doing something normal. I’m ready to play by my rules, I just need to pick myself up out of bed, put up my dukes, and put one foot in front of the other.

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My brain has been a battlefield as of late, so pressing play has been extra hard. Today I even worked from home because I had no meetings and just could not get out of bed this morning. I focused on my family today; even though I was imperfect I’m trying to get better. And part of getting better is finding within me the best parts of the worst times. Identifying that silver that binds me to this world when I’m being ripped apart. . I sweat, I got winded, and I most definitely had to take breaks. But I finished MMA Power this afternoon and got some high roundhouse kicks in. Swipe for my badass feminist version of Chuck Norris. 👊🏻🦵🏻 #coredeforce #beachbody @jerichomcmatthews @joelfreemanfitness #fightthrough #pressplay #mmapower #flexitfriday

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