Five F***s to Give

Years back a coworker shared with me his philosophy on how to handle the work day. At the beginning of the day, you have five “fucks” to give. Something comes across your plate, you decide if you give a fuck. Obviously the required items have to be taken care of, but when something requires you to go out of your way, you would then pay/give/use a “fuck” from your balance for the day. Once the five are gone however, there are no more to give. And you can go about your day knowing that you really did put in an effort, but you’re being realistic — you can’t do everything, and you can’t give all your energy to everyone. You’ll end up at the bottom of the pack.

So today, working out was my last “fuck” to give. I gave it my all at work, I really provided thoughtful project assistance to some great coworkers, I took care of errands after work, and I committed to working out with my husband even when I totally didn’t want to. And now — my balance is at zero. Good night!

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