Savings Story: Oh Baby, Dear’s First Barbie

It takes a village! That saying rang true this weekend when my online savings community came through to help multiple people score great Christmas toy deals and help me get my daughter her first ever Barbies — Barbie President and Vice President “First All Female Ticket” 2-pack. Check out the fun packaging!

It all started with me sharing a Target toy deal I found on The Krazy Coupon Lady. There was a one day 30% off sale on all toys and an extra Cartwheel offer on this specific Barbie set to get 50% off. Both of these offers came off the full price of the dolls, making a $24.99 toy only $4.99! An 80% off deal is great on any toy, but being able to score Barbie dolls for just a few bucks was a very tempting offer. This is my first foray into saving on toys and I was determined to not let deals like this slip away!

My excitement was short lived however, because there was no convenient way for me to get to a Target. Had it been a weekday or not my husband’s birthday, maybe I could have swung it. But it’s a few miles away and would have meant driving across town to possibly get the deal. So, I decided to post to Facebook and see what the world came back with.

Luckily a childhood friend of mine offered to run to a Target only a few blocks from her house to see if she could find any Barbies. When she arrived there were none on the shelf, but she asked an employee who was able to get three for her — one for me/Kate, one for another hometown friend of ours, and one for her own niece! Now all I need to do is meet up with her to exchange $5 for our dolls, and Kate will have her first official Barbies!

I’m obviously excited about still getting this deal despite not being able to get to a store, but this post was helpful to other friends as well — two people I know from college were able to use the coupons for Barbies and other toys, all to make Christmas a little cheaper. What a great shared savings experience! It just goes to show you that others out there want to save as much as you do — share your knowledge to help out (and benefit from) your network.

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