Amy’s Real Life Update: Saving on Baby Gear

oh baby dearIt’s been a few months since I announced the expected addition to the blog, coming this June! I’m now entering my third trimester and overall, feeling pretty good. Of course there have been the bad days, the aches and pains, etc. – all the typical pregnancy woes. But honestly, it could be so much worse that I’m thankful to just be smiling and have a healthy baby growing. 🙂

I’ve been working on stocking up on the essentials, and have had some generous friends pass on both maternity and baby gear. So far I’ve had the most luck in saving on bottles and diapers. I’m not sure how many more bottles we’ll actually need, but I am looking forward to a sale or two on diapers & wipes before the baby comes. I’d also love to stock up on other baby care items like powder, diaper cream, and medicine.

Most of the Oh Amy, Dear! action has been going on over on Facebook lately, so don’t forget to check that out for my savings hauls and glimpses into my stockpile. See below for photos!

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