oh baby dearIf you haven’t already seen on Facebook, Oh Amy, Dear is expecting a new addition to the blog, due June 2016. Since the blog originally started as a wedding diary, then morphed into saving while being married, it’s only natural to take the next step and start saving on baby!

My husband and I couldn’t be happier to welcome our bundle of joy! We’re both hard at work making our debut as parents as easy as possible on the checkbook. He is busy growing his online writing consultancy to increase our income (check his work out here). And what do you think I’m doing? Scouring the internet for tips, coupons, freebies, of course!

In my searching, I’ve realized it’s hard to find one location with all of the information I wanted. Even if I could find something close to that, it was three or four years old and the links were broken. I’m not going to let you spend the same hours I spent compiling a list for yourself, though. I’ve done the work for you!

The list below has easy links to register or submit requests easily to each website (and some offline tips). It is by no means comprehensive, but that just means I’ll update the list as time goes on. So check back frequently for updates, and comment below with your own favorite offers!

Last Updated: January 2, 2016

Note: For a lot of sites below, I’ll link to the Contact page for each brand. This is because you can often get free coupons and samples by writing to a company and telling them you like their product, you have a suggestion, or you want to try what they sell. Develop a template for what you’ll submit on each contact form and save yourself some time. (Read more about contacting companies here.)


baby coupon


Club/Email Newsletters

The following links take you to websites that offer weekly or monthly email newsletters. These clubs and emails will often give you exclusive access to sample offers and great coupons.

New! Seventh Generation (various products) – Coupons, samples, points program to earn on “missions,” as well as a forum to talk to like-minded consumers
Generation Good | Contact Page

Similac (baby nutrition) – Email newsletter, coupons, and free products earned by buying products
Strong Moms Club | Contact Page

Enfamil (baby nutrition) – Email newsletter, coupons, and a limited time offer for a completely free Tiny Prints personalized journal
Family Beginnings Club | Contact Page

Gerber (baby nutrition) – Advice, resources, and coupons
MyGerber Club | Contact Page

Fisher-Price (baby toys & gear) – Email newsletter and coupons
Email list | Contact Page

Luvs (baby diapers) – Email newsletter and coupons
Email list | Contact Page

Babble from Disney (website) – Email newsletter, advice, resources
Email list


Printable Coupons

These links will take you to the webpages for each brand listed to directly print coupons from. Note that some valuable coupons are available in Sunday inserts, on Coupons.com, and more.

New! Pick Up the Values (parent coupon site for Huggies, Pull Ups, Goodnites)
Print Coupons

Huggies (baby diapers)
Print Coupons | Contact Page

Pampers (baby diapers)
Print Coupons | Contact Page

Boudreaux’s (baby diaper care)
Print Coupons | Contact Page

Johnson & Johnson (baby toiletries)
Print Coupons | Contact Page

Tylenol (baby medicine)
Print Coupons | Contact Page

Playtex (baby gear)
Print Coupons | Contact Page


Other Online Offers

This is a mix of other offers from websites, like reading materials, registry freebies, samples, and more.

American Baby Magazine – Receive 6 free issues, no strings attached!
Submit Request

Amazon Baby Registry – Discounts, free offers, and more (free offers vary based on when you sign up and if you are a Prime member or not)
Create Registry

Babies ‘R’ Us Registry – Get up to 10% cash back on a gift card for everything purchased off your registry.
Create Registry

The Honest Company – Free samples of diapers and/or baby bath products, pay $5.95 S&H (this does sign you up for a subscription, so be sure to cancel within 7 days of receiving your samples if you don’t want to continue)
Submit Request

New! Simply Right – Free samples of diapers (1/2/16: This site is under maintenance and they are not offering samples currently. I will update this post when they are live. Thank you!)
Submit Request


Offline Savings

Even though it’s 2016, not all savings has to happen in the digital world. Going in to brick and mortar stores as well as reaching out to your own medical and resource networks can net big savings!

Motherhood Maternity – Though I haven’t stopped by myself yet, I’ve heard from plenty of friends that just by going into the store and talking to an employee will net you coupons and freebies. Can’t wait to try!
Find a Store

Consignment Stores & Websites – These are great places to purchase clothes for you and baby, since you’re both changing in size quickly over time and need new outfits.

Your Insurance Company, local WIC Office, and/or Doctor/Midwife/Hospital – Often insurance companies or other local groups (like WIC and your health provider) will have programs you can sign up for, classes to take, and even access to free products like:

  • Birthing Center tours
  • Books and Pamphlets
  • Breast pump
  • Diapers
  • Product samples

Baby & Mommy Shows/Conventions – These are phenomenal one-stop shops for more samples and freebies than you can hold! Bring a partner or friend and spring for the VIP ticket if you can – it’s usually worth the gift bag and goodies you’ll get. To find one close to you, search by city name + “baby shower show” or “mommy con” in Google (Portland & PacNW links below).
BabyFest NW | KidFest NW | MommyCon


Did I leave something out? Comment below to share your savings tips and links!