As I posted about last month, I have been using my app rebates to purchase gift cards to use in my quest to revamp my closet. Since I’ve signed up for email alerts from Express (sometimes good, sometimes bad idea), I have been getting Sunday-night bonus clearance emails offering an additional percentage off their clearance items. I had already redeemed my previous Ibotta gift card (as well as one from a survey site), but I had just recently hit the $10 threshold to redeem another one – perfect to score more great work clothes on the cheap!

At the bottom of this post I’ve posted a Polyvore collage of the items I purchased. What I really want to share with you is how little I paid for each item. Because the sales were online, I had to pay shipping ($8 for Ground and yes I did try promo codes wink face) on three different orders. They have been increasing the additional % off clearance each week, with my first order being 30% off and this last one 50%. With all of the different sale offers as well as my gift cards, my actual percentage savings was a whopping 84.2%! If you don’t include the shipping I paid, my savings increase to 93%. See the breakdown for all the details on how I paid only $41 for $260 worth of clothing:


To be fair, I’ve only been able to wear one of these pieces of clothing because of the weather, but I can’t wait to show off these exciting scores at work soon!

From left: Textured Tweed Barely Boot Editor Pant, Mixed Fabric Tulip Back Tee, Studio Stretch Wide Waistband Flare Editor Pant, Zebra Print Dolman Sweater

Do you save up your Ibotta earnings for anything fun? Do you like redeeming for gift cards? Let us know how you use your rebates – sound off below!