Treating Yourself to Avoid Burnout (and an Ibotta Story!)

A text chat between my SIL and I about my exciting score. Click to sign up with Ibotta and start saving today!

Sometimes saving is easiest when you have a goal in mind. It can get tedious cutting coupons, redeeming rebates, and having an eagle eye at checkout – it’s a big reason people get coupon fatigue and burn out. But when you have a savings goal, you are constantly striving toward something and each step along the way brings you closer to something you really want. A savings goal can be big – say, a family trip to Disneyland – or small, like a latte on your way to work. And there are many ways to “cash in” on your savings – whether it’s putting the amount saved in an account earmarked for a trip, or having your mobile app accumulate earnings. Each coupon or rebate earns you “credit” toward your goal.

My recent short-term savings goal was to earn $50 in gift cards to match $50 I set aside from our family income to buy myself 1 or 2 nice work clothing pieces. I was so excited to finally redeem my hard-earned Ibotta rebates today to get $25 of that in an e-gift card (the other $25 GC I earned from completing surveys)! It just so happened that Express was having a 6-hour online-only sale, where there clearance was marked down an additional 20%. That deal paired with my gift card made a great pair of work pants (originally $70) only $7! With shipping I ended up paying less than $15 and saved almost 80% off the retail price. I achieved my goal AND I got a great score on work clothes. That’s my favorite kind of savings. wink face

What are your savings goals and how do you achieve them? Sound off below!