The Evolution of the OAD Logo

The old logo from my out of the box site. Cute, but not professional, unique, or custom.

When I started oh amy, dear! it was about learning how to save money on a wedding, because that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I started a basic WordPress blog to be able to jot my thoughts down, and chose a cute and appropriate wedding theme (see right). Once I got married, it morphed into being about saving and couponing in every day life because well, that’s also what I was trying to do. As I was devoting more and more time to it, I could see that an upgrade was in order.

About a month ago, after a good amount of time wishing I could make my old WordPress blog better and more customizable, I figured a good first step would be to… doodle. So doodle I did!

I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I’m not too shabby with a pencil (if I do say so myself). Below is a step by step (with some uglier steps left out) transition from original idea in my mind to the middle pencil drawing of the new and improved oh amy, dear! logo. The top center image was the first, and the subsequent iterations follow clockwise, ending in the middle.

Let me know what you think!

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