Download your copy of Ibotta today!
Download your copy of Ibotta today!

Every heard of the term Ibotta? Ever wondered what the heck it is? Well, if you have a smartphone, you’re in luck – the answers are right at the tip of your fingers. Ibotta is a mobile app that gives you virtually instant rebates on products you buy at your favorite stores. You unlock the rebates you want to use by learning about the product, watching a video, or answering a poll question. Then, after you’ve purchased the items, you verify your purchases and take a picture of the receipt. Within minutes, your rebate amount will be waiting to cash out. And cashing out is just as easy – transfer to Paypal or redeem your balance for one of the gift cards they have available at Starbucks, iTunes, and more.

This past week, I have been on a crazy Ibotta kick! All the deals I kept seeing were for items I was excited and/or needed to buy. So in a few different trips, I made sure to match up sales, coupons, Rewards deals, and Ibotta offers to net myself 92.5% savings on fantastic products:

  • Select the offers you want at your favorite stores
    Select the offers you want at your favorite stores

    If you’re in Portland like me and have allergies, you know the last few days have been a killer. The cottonwoods make it look like it’s snowing in June! That’s why I was excited to get two packages of Advil Congestion Relief for a final price of $0.01 moneymaker each!

  • We’ve been trying different non-dairy milks throughout the past few weeks, so it was a no brainer to grab a half gallon of So Delicious Coconut milk for a final price of only $1.29 – that’s less than half the price of a gallon of cow’s milk.
  • I’d been eying the Good2Grow juices for awhile because of recent coupons, but yesterday my decision was made for me. With a high value Ibotta offer on the juice and refill pack, I earned a $1.51 moneymaker and was able to pass on a cute Hello Kitty child sipper and a pack of healthy juices to a friend of mine.
  • With my husband growing his business from home, coffee is a constant cost for us. I was thrilled to be able to score a pack of Seattle’s Best Coffee for only $1.50.
  • For most families, eggs are essential to have on hand whenever you’re cooking. It’s no different with our family – eggs are useful for baking sweets, making breakfast, creating appetizers, and the list goes on! Unfortunately, egg coupons are very rare, so any savings are helpful. Thankful for Ibotta’s offer to make eggs a little cheaper – only $1.64.
  • Finally, I signed up for a coupon from Safeway for a free Refreshe Ice drink some weeks ago, and was excited to use it when it came in the mail. It was already going to be free, but the Ibotta rebate put a cool quarter in my pocket to make this deal a $0.25 moneymaker!

Check out the numbers for each of my deals below:

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