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If you’ve been reading oh amy, dear! for any length of time, you know that even when it came to my wedding, I tried to save money. And I loathe the pressure the WIC (wedding industrial complex) puts on couple to do things the “right” or “perfect” way. Your wedding is your wedding and nobody else’s – least of all some for-profit industry trying to squeeze every last dime out of you. So with that said, I want to tentatively recommend The Knot – a site which, at first glance, seems to fit my criteria above.

The Knot, while notorious for its sales pitches and shiny pictures of products you can get for a “limited time only” price, does offer some good benefits that I consider worth the price of admission. First, there is a really comprehensive checklist for when you want to be planning and reserving certain things and helps you not forget to decide on some details you never knew you had an option on. If you’re like me, the rest of your life is busy enough – who can remember the procession order? Second, there are really robust community boards that allow you to chat with other “Knotties” to help you get resources, decide on tough etiquette questions, and figure out what to do when you forgot to include someone on your guest list. Finally, there are some great basic wedding website templates that you can customize easily and connect with your guest list to help track counts and plan for the big day.

If you can endure some marketing and none-too-rare eye rolling, then signing up for The Knot is a good idea. Click the image in this post to start organizing and planning for free!

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