"Finished" centerpieces!
“Finished” centerpieces!

Whew! At this time next week I will be in a wedding dress, marrying Clark, and enjoying a (hopefully sunny) fall Saturday. In the past few months we’ve been feverishly preparing for the wedding. This rush is due in equal parts to moving, finances, unfortunately late problems, and procrastination. But here we are, one week out, and Getting. S#!+. Done.

We last left off with FSIL and son in town, working on decorations and planning. Since then, we’ve “finished” decorations, started courtesy baskets, finished attire, figured out beauty, did an engagement photo session, purchased napkins, and finalized flowers, cupcakes, and venue.

  • Decorations – I finished the centerpieces (right), adding pinecones into the mix, since it’s in the natural theme. I also started creating clear wine glasses filled with mini-pinecones and I am almost done with our wreathes. It’s been a lot of fun creating the decorations and was truly the most relaxing part of this process.
  • Courtesy baskets – A coworker of mine suggested I make courtesy baskets to place in the bathrooms. (I used this guide to help me.) Her wedding was last August, and in a wooded area outside of Portland, so she included things like sunscreen and bug spray. Since ours isn’t subject to those circumstances, I’m including some more general toiletries, like headache medicine, mouthwash, and a lint roller. I’m really so excited for people to see these – they’ve been fun to create!
  • Attire – We finished getting our clothing and accessories ready by getting Clark and all the men fitted for tuxes. Can’t wait to post pictures of those after the wedding! I purchased some jewelry and my wonderful fabulous shoes from David’s Bridal!

  • Beauty – I figured out my hair and makeup, and got great deals on what I needed (thanks to a well-timed gift card). We were also able to get Clark a nice trimmer for himself and I’ll be getting nails done in a few days.

    My Instagrammed version of Danielle’s photos.
  • Engagement photos – Our photographer, Danielle Krause, surprised us with an offer to do an engagement photo session so we got dolled up and took her up on the offer! We had a great time getting to know Danielle and we love the photos. This was one of the most (if not the most) important parts of the wedding for me, so I was super picky about who we went with. Danielle was a great deal and gets great photos. Can’t wait to see what they look like after the wedding! I Instagrammed a photo (right), but you can check out the whole set on her website.
  • Napkins – FMIL really wanted us to have napkins with our names and wedding date on them, so offered to take care of this for us. I was able to find a fantastic sale on the Knot, so scored 200 napkins for right around $40. Keeping with the natural theme, I selected leaves for our graphic. This photo really doesn’t do them justice, though.
  • Flowers – I met with the lovely Hilary at Emerald Petals, Portland’s Eco-Florist, to brainstorm ideas for bouquets and boutonnieres. She delivers flowers to our nonprofit every week and creates the centerpieces for our Oregon team’s Annual Beat the Odds scholarship luncheon, so I knew I could trust her vision. I selected a bunch of pinecones (of course), champagne roses, golden poppy pods, privet berries, and other fun non-flowers. These are going to be beautiful!
  • Cupcakes – This was another fun activity for both of us. We had a great time tasting cupcakes, and Cupcake Jones has treated us very well throughout the entire process. This may be TMI, but I have a story to explain just how nice they were. Last Friday, for the third time in 2 weeks, I found myself drained and sick. The first two had been colds but this third one was a special stomach flu concocted just for me on the one day I wanted nothing more than to have a pleasant stomach. I was supposed to pick up our
    The most amazing PB&J and Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcakes ever.

    taster box (right) on the way home but by about 11am it was clear I couldn’t make it to 4pm. I called and they said they could bump the pickup time to 2pm, but no earlier than that. For the next three hours, I threw up at least once (usually more than) an hour, with nothing more than water actually in my stomach. It was the worst I had felt in years, nausea-wise. I walked to the streetcar, rode it down, and – being there too early – sat outside and waited. And waited. Seeing that I was really close to pickup time, I stood up and instantly started mouth-sweating. Luckily there was a trash receptacle nearby, and I proceeded to throw up (for probably the sixth time that day) in the garbage, on the side of the street in the nicer part of town, in front of a Ben & Jerry’s and a cupcake shop. Suffice to say I was embarrassed. I was also still in incredible pain so honestly, I only cared about getting home. I walked in to the bakery in tears, explaining that I had just thrown up and I was so sorry but if I could just get the box and leave I would be fine. The woman who helped was so kind and helpful and genuinely cared if I was okay. I was able to get home and the next day, tasted the cupcakes. It turned out I had eaten something bad the night before so once it was all out of my system I felt fine, but it was horrible experiencing it. The next week I stopped by their store on the way home and walked in to put in a good word for the employee that helped me, and little did I know that she heard me describing the situation and hopped up to ask if I ended up feeling better. Great customer service and even better cupcakes!

  • Venue – This was the “doozy” that ended up being super easy. About a month before the wedding I discovered that our previous location was going to be out of our not-yet-funded budget, so we had to change the venue very late in the process. Invitations had been sent, my FSIL had seen the previous venue and planned decorations, and everyone thought we would still be there. Somehow though, I had very little stress about changing locations. I reached out to each potential venue I had considered months prior, and soon got in contact with Michelle at the Overlook House in North Portland. We quickly visited, discussed, and booked the venue only 3 weeks out. We’re planning the wedding for the backyard if it’s sunny, and inside if it’s not, but either way – I think it will be great! It would’ve been nice before, but we are very excited to be getting married in this beautiful old tudor home (which coincidentally totally reminds me of Gamma Phi).

So that’s it! Only kidding, that’s not all of it. There is still more to do in this next week, but it will all turn out well! And if it doesn’t, that’s what wine is for. I can’t promise many updates until after the wedding, so adios for now!

p.s. The inspiration for today’s post’s title came from an awesome (and apt) comic I pinned recently. Harumph.