A Bunch of Stuff Happened… And That Brings Us Up to Date

"Finished" centerpieces!
“Finished” centerpieces!

Whew! At this time next week I will be in a wedding dress, marrying Clark, and enjoying a (hopefully sunny) fall Saturday. In the past few months we’ve been feverishly preparing for the wedding. This rush is due in equal parts to moving, finances, unfortunately late problems, and procrastination. But here we are, one week out, and Getting. S#!+. Done.

We last left off with FSIL and son in town, working on decorations and planning. Since then, we’ve “finished” decorations, started courtesy baskets, finished attire, figured out beauty, did an engagement photo session, purchased napkins, and finalized flowers, cupcakes, and venue.

  • Decorations – I finished the centerpieces (right), adding pinecones into the mix, since it’s in the natural theme. I also started creating clear wine glasses filled with mini-pinecones and I am almost done with our wreathes. It’s been a lot of fun creating the decorations and was truly the most relaxing part of this process.
  • Courtesy baskets – A coworker of mine suggested I make courtesy baskets to place in the bathrooms. (I used this guide to help me.) Her wedding was last August, and in a wooded area outside of Portland, so she included things like sunscreen and bug spray. Since ours isn’t subject to those circumstances, I’m including some more general toiletries, like headache medicine, mouthwash, and a lint roller. I’m really so excited for people to see these – they’ve been fun to create!
  • Attire – We finished getting our clothing and accessories ready by getting Clark and all the men fitted for tuxes. Can’t wait to post pictures of those after the wedding! I purchased some jewelry and my wonderful fabulous shoes from David’s Bridal!

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