Tick tock! Today is our Three-Month Mark

This Wednesday marked the final step in completing our new grown-up apartment – we had a washer and dryer installed and have gotten through the mountains of laundry that accumulated since moving in. That definitely took a big stress off our shoulders, but never fear – like energy, the stress never goes away, it just manifests as something else.

When you get engaged, everyone wants to give you advice. They say it will be wonderful and you’ll have a great time – you just need to take care of yourself. While all of those tips are nice to hear, they’re not always realistic. So really listen when someone tells you it will be stressful.  They’re being truthful and potentially more so than you’d ever imagine. And when people (who have never been married, natch) say, “Weddings shouldn’t be stressful! They should be fun and lighthearted and not so involved!” Don’t listen to them. They know nothing. Until you’ve gone through the process, you are not qualified to give honest advice.

In the last month, we continued our financial challenges, I was out of town for a week for work, and we came to the decision that because of our lack of savings and the intense stress we were dealing with, the wedding was not going to happen as planned. We discussed with our parents and were planning on sending out cancellations until things changed – again. Some of our family are helping us figure things out and really want us to have the event we were planning, so it’s still on. For now.

But really, until the apartment got totally set up, no energy could be given to the wedding. It was exhausting to even think about things, much less take any action on them. I made a list before our move of things I needed to do immediately in July, and that list remains in the same spot, with nothing checked off. This weekend though, my mom is coming up so we can spend some time cutting money in places where we can and figure out a way to not give up on the essentials of what we want. I’m hoping by Sunday, I can cross many things off my to-do list and get started on the fun stuff – crafts!

My FI’s oldest sister is coming out later in August to help us plan, take a look at the space, and figure out her family’s details when they come out. (Aside – her family of EIGHT is taking a road trip from Tennessee to the East coast, through the middle of the country, all the way out to Oregon this fall. What an amazing time to see the United States!) Can’t wait to get started on the next project on the list for me – centerpieces. See this post for a reminder of where I’m going with the design. Also on the docket for this month is invitations, which may or may not be the most exciting craft of all. (Spoiler alert – it totally is.)

Stay tuned for pictures and proof of the crafts in action!

2 thoughts on “Tick tock! Today is our Three-Month Mark

  1. I got married in June and I realized on the wedding day that I’d put too much into the small stuff. We had a lot of awesome–but I never had time to notice it because I was too busy being in love with my future husband. I wish I’d managed to be less stressed about the details that turned out not to matter at all. As long as people show up, there’s food, and they have shelter from the rain, everything else will take care of itself.

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