The Centerpieces Are Ready for their Close-up

Centerpieces on their way to being complete! Two wine bottles twined up with a selection of creme and blue flora.

This past weekend helped test drive some of my decorating ideas and gave me the opportunity to plan more with my mom and FSIL. I’m getting very excited about completing more crafts and I can’t wait to get a jump on invitations. I just love decorating with my hands!

Although these beauties aren’t quite complete – I’ll likely add some ribbon and potentially change flowers – I’m very happy with my first draft. Twining wine bottles makes for a great neutral vase and can help decorate any space. Also, as you may remember, collecting the wine bottles can be very fun.

Here are some simple steps for twining (or yarning, roping, etc.) your own glassware:

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The Budget Doesn’t Stop at the Wedding

My coupon book runneth over! (I literally can’t close it)

Trying to plan a budget wedding involves saving, not going into debt, and trying your hardest to not pay retail. But why let those efforts stop at just the wedding? In order to save money for the wedding, it may be necessary to cut in other parts of your life. Enter couponing!

You might be thinking: “How do I start couponing?”, “How can couponing make a big enough dent to help save for a wedding?”, or “Isn’t that so much work?”

And to those question, I would say: I’ll tell you, you’ll find out, and yes – but it’s worth it. In this post I’ll share my simple steps for couponing, which resources I use, and what you need to know before spending another penny on groceries, crafts, home goods, and more!

amy, dear‘s keys to successful couponing (note: the info below is based on my couponing experience in Portland, OR – these keys may not fully apply to where you live):

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Tick tock! Today is our Three-Month Mark

This Wednesday marked the final step in completing our new grown-up apartment – we had a washer and dryer installed and have gotten through the mountains of laundry that accumulated since moving in. That definitely took a big stress off our shoulders, but never fear – like energy, the stress never goes away, it just manifests as something else.

When you get engaged, everyone wants to give you advice. They say it will be wonderful and you’ll have a great time – you just need to take care of yourself. While all of those tips are nice to hear, they’re not always realistic. So really listen when someone tells you it will be stressful.  They’re being truthful and potentially more so than you’d ever imagine. And when people (who have never been married, natch) say, “Weddings shouldn’t be stressful! They should be fun and lighthearted and not so involved!” Don’t listen to them. They know nothing. Until you’ve gone through the process, you are not qualified to give honest advice.

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