An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Bought the dress, went to the alterations appointment, got it hemmed, and took it home for the second time today! But of course it wasn’t without a mini heart-attack.

Before I left my alterations appointment four weeks ago, we set up a time for me to come back to try it on to test the alterations and to take it home. The appointment time we set was for today at 6pm. Since I had planned on taking the bus to/from the appointment (save your comments until the bottom of this post), I was going to try to change the appointment to an earlier time so I didn’t get home late. I also thought it would be a good idea to confirm the time since I hadn’t yet received any call (as I had in the past) reminding me of the appointment. It was a good thing I thought of that.

I called and spoke with a very nice girl at the store who said she’d be happy to schedule me a little earlier, since they had a couple of openings. She took my name and went to get the book (apparently they still do pencil and paper) to change my time. When she came back from hold, panic set in – I wasn’t anywhere on the list and she didn’t know where my dress and alterations ticket were. She said she knew it was still there and they hadn’t lost it though, so she wanted to call me back within a few minutes to talk about changing the appointment time – she just needed to find it first. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

About 15 minutes later, she called back and – phew! – had found the dress. However, I wasn’t even in the books – yesterday, today, tomorrow, any time! Luckily they had an opening for today, but only at the original time it was supposed to be set for. So, no luck on the earlier appointment time, but big kudos to my intuition for wanting to call. Had I not called, I would have had no guarantee for getting in to try on my dress and I could have had to go home and trek back out to East Portland at some point in the next week (yes, the very same week I’m supposed to be moving out) to take care of all of this. Apparently even though my alterations ticket said “6/21” and “6 pm” for a follow-up appointment, that never made it’s way to “the book.” But, because I had “a feeling,” disaster was averted and my dress came home with me.

All of this to say – trust your intuition. If even the smallest part of your brain says, “Hmm, maybe I should give them a call and confirm that such-and-such detail is still the case,” just do yourself the favor and call. Even if nothing is amok, it will give you peace of mind. And if something fishy is going on, you will thank yourself for it.

Finally, a big HUGE thank you to my friend who let me borrow her car instead of taking the bus. I commute by bus every day and I love the convenience of it, but I’m very happy my poor dress was saved from a public transit ride.

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