Said Yes to the Dress!

I’m not one of those girls that has been planning my wedding since I was three. My tastes have changed over the years and while I’ve certainly thought about (and pinned about) my eventual wedding from time to time, I’ve never built a giant binder with my thoughts from childhood in it. That goes for my dress as well. Based on my current tastes, I knew I wanted something more natural and romantic, but that’s about it. Heck, until I went to my first shopping appointment, I didn’t even know what silhouette would look good on me.

After three appointments and much post-appointment ogling at pictures, I am happy to say I have finally said yes to the dress! It is officially ordered and on its way to the store and I couldn’t be more excited that that piece of wedding planning is complete. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t divulge too many details online, so you’ll have to wait until November to see anything about it, but suffice to say I feel very mature and wonderful in it – I can’t wait until it gets in and I get to go try it on again!

If you’re in the process of finding your dress or one day may be choosing one for yourself or helping someone else choose hers, I want to share some short tips I learned while shopping:

  • Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with silhouettes, necklines, and other dress vocabulary before you go into the store. This will not only help you understand what the heck your consultant is talking about, but you may start figuring out what would look good on you as well.
  • That being said, don’t go in to your appointments thinking you and only you know what will look good on you. I went to my first shopping appointment thinking some sort of a sweetheart A-line with straps would be best for me. It turns out I was only correct about one of those – the sweetheart neckline. Straps make me look bulky and the A-line did nothing for my body. So try on multiple types of dresses before you start pooh-poohing an entire style.
  • Temper your taste with your budget. I don’t have to tell you that (usually) the more bling, layers, or details on a dress will increase the cost. That’s not to say you can’t find a great and intricate dress for relatively next to nothing, but you’ll have a much harder time doing so. Just make sure you’re being realistic so you don’t get disappointed. And read these handy tips for how to score big on cheap dresses.

That’s all for now! We’re finishing up our guest list and will soon be sending our save the dates, so stay tuned for tales from my enthralling dive into paper goods.

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