Monte’s Fall Wedding Guide

If there’s one bridal television show that I like best, it’s probably Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. I love the consultants at Bridals by Lori and of course get a huge kick out of the Fashion Director, Monte Durham. So imagine my delight when I discovered a podcast featuring Monte and one of my favorite former How Stuff Works podcast hosts, Candace Keener. As a spinoff from the show’s name, this podcast is called Say Yes to the Dress: Monte’s Take. It appears the show had 31 episodes and ended a little over a year ago, but they’re still fun to listen to and they’re all around 15-20 minutes long, so it’s perfect while on the go.

My favorite episode so far is Monte’s Fall Wedding Guide. The colors and crispness of fall go so well for a lovely wedding. They go through the personality of a fall bride, what colors work and which are tired, what type of food you may want to serve, and what wedding gowns go well with the season. Here’s my summary of the episode and how their tips compare with my wedding plans.

After their intro, Candace asks Monte what kind of girl gets married in the fall (2:30). Monte points out the biggest obstacle of all – football season! Be it NFL or (my preference) college football, planning a wedding in the fall can be tricky because nearly every weekend day is reserved by some sort of football being played. But, if a bride schedules her wedding in the fall, you can be sure it will be organized. Fall brides like the outdoors and leaves, are not particularly fussy, and know that “nature is the best backdrop.”  Fall brides are more attuned to what is going on around them and don’t need the perfect pink bouquet. They prefer something with an organic shape and structure.

They move on to creating the perfect fall palette (6:00). Darker colors paired with lighter neutrals like champagne or antique set the basis for a natural wedding. Among the colors fitting a fall wedding are burnt yellow, burnt orange, chocolate, hunter green, navy blue, and burgundy. Flowers like mums or other natural elements like berries and pine cones (I plan on adding branches and twine throughout as well) can be put together to make a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece arrangement.

Fall weddings turn magical in a rustic location (11:45) like a log cabin or mountain lodge. Private homes in autumn can also provide more intimacy and ambiance than they would in other times of the year. Add some of the autumn and harvest theme in here with baskets of pumpkins or gourds. For guest favors, (13:07) consider homemade jam, spice cookies, or locally sourced honey or maple syrup.

Fall brides can continue the theme in what they choose to wear for the big day (14:48). Antique gold can look great on brunettes, while blondes can pull off ivory lace. Martha Stewart Weddings and Town & Country are better magazines to browse for gown ideas as they feature real and outdoor weddings in their advertisements as opposed to sets organized for the sole purpose of a photo shoot.

Last but certainly not least, fall weddings are the perfect place to serve comfort food (18:40). Think harvest when it comes to what you serve your guests. Fantastic breads and cheese are perfect appetizers, and you can class it up with some simple herbed tomatoes. Mashed potatoes and cornbread can be piped and cut in fancier shapes and are delicious for autumn settings. And don’t forget to include a fall drink like apple cider to complete the meal.

They close out the episode with a reminder that in the fall, you can have an amazing wedding. Just make sure you don’t schedule during a football game – or plan for a television to be available during the reception!

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