This Just In: America’s Paying Too Much!

The breakdown of average wedding costs in 2012.

We’re well into 2013 and that means the data is just coming in from last year, proving again that weddings are ridiculously expensive. From

“In 2012, newlyweds (and their families) spent an average of $28,427 on weddings and related events — the highest amount since 2008, according to an annual survey of 17,500 couples released by wedding website”

Ah, it’s our old friend the Knot. and’s annual Real Weddings Survey was just released, and while wedding costs may have taken a dip during the recession, trust that they’re back on the rise again. I don’t need to go into a long speech about how ridiculously ridiculous these costs are – suffice it to say that half of this average price is more than enough. My wedding is being planned on about 1/4 of it.

The survey results aren’t all disheartening, though – it’s kind of fun to see demographic information. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Manhattan is the most expensive city (by far) at $76,687, but the rest of the northeastern US rounds at the next eight. We only leave that area of the country at #10 with San Francisco, CA.
  • Alaska is the cheapest place to get married, coming in at $15,504.
  • A lot of people travel to get married, with 24% of couples choosing destination weddings.
  • Hawaii brides wait longer to get married, on average at 33, whereas Utah has the youngest brides at 25.
  • Only 35% of brides opted to hold their wedding in a religious building in 2012, down from 41% in 2009. More couples are also choosing to have a friend or family member officiate the ceremony.

Of course, as budget brides know, you have to take a lot of these numbers with a grain of salt. These surveys artificially (whether they mean to or not) inflate numbers to make it seem like a ton of money ought to be spent on a wedding, because that’s what average people do.

But seriously, who wants to be average?