The Power of the People

I still haven’t set an official date, nor do I have a location or photographer. What I’m beginning to realize I do have is the power of the people. I could go on and on about the pricelessness of humans, and how there are fundamental things wrong with society because of how we “rent time” from people. But I’ll save you the labor philosophy diatribe.

What I’m talking about is the whole “it takes a village” concept. If you know me, you know that I’d usually rather just do something myself instead of trusting someone else. It’s probably a character flaw, but I have a bit of a relinquishing-control issue. I deal with it pretty well, usually. But a budget wedding is anything but usual. I’m in hyper-vigilant mode and convinced I have to figure everything out myself. Sometimes it takes multiple reminders that other people want to (and should) help.

Let’s count the people who want to help: three FSILs (including MoH), two bridesmaids (BMs – ha ha (yes, I’m a 12-year-old)), a mother, a FMIL, two coworkers, multiple family members, and of course other friends. We’re talking upwards of 10-15 people. Do you know what a nonprofit organization can do with 10-15 people? They can change the world! And I’m just wanting to plan a wedding.

It takes more than you to pull off something big. And that’s not a knock on you – you’re pretty awesome. But “it takes a village” isn’t a saying because it’s catchy. There’s some truth in them thar words.

Maybe you’re saying, “uh duh, Amy – I’m not insane like you are – there’s no way I’m doing everything myself.” Then to you I say, good job. You’re better than I am at this stuff. Just remember to delegate – people say they want to help because they truly do. Let them have a part in your special day while also giving yourself the freedom to celebrate being a bride.

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