My Late-Night Review of Another Bridal Show

It’s the night before I’m off on a two week trip to Oklahoma and I’m not tired! So naturally I thought I’d update the blog to see if that would contribute to some Zzzs. All kidding aside, my FI is up too and I wanted to update you all on the second bridal show I attended while I had the opportunity.

Today was a smaller show at a hotel, but it was pretty unique. I went with a colleague which was nice because I had someone to talk to while going through it all. And while we did notice that it seemed focused on venues and catering, the silver lining was tons of food and drinks. Um, just to name a few of the things I ate/drank today:

A super cute wedding coaster from a McMenamins booth
  • Mango cardamom greek yogurt smoothie
  • Rosemary beef onion skewer
  • Various profiteroles (delicious sweet & savory!)
  • Key lime martini
  • McMenamins Ruby ale
  • Champagne
  • Various cupcakes
  • Strawberry cocktail
  • Tuna tartar philo cup

And many more. It was a great day for sampling what caterers had to offer. There were a ton of mock ceremony/reception set ups so you could really experience different looks. Of course many of the booths were holding drawings, so there were many possible free or reduced price items to win.

All in all, it was a great experience. I will note that there was not as much variety at this show, and the information you’d come away with would be slightly limited. The Portland Bridal Show is very large so it’s to be expected. However, because of it’s size it wasn’t able to achieve what today’s show did in regards to the intimate settings and making you feel like you were truly experiencing different looks and ideas.

It’s important to follow the common sense rules of bridal shows, though. Be comfortable, be open-minded, get as much info as you can, and try to have fun. You will be pitched to. You will have people who either don’t know how to talk to the public (seriously – why are you at a bridal show?) or are so tired from talking to the public they no longer can feign happiness for your impending nuptials. Try to relax and set a goal of getting information and asking questions – you have no obligation to them. And don’t forget to taste test potential caterers or to help you get ideas for how to pull off your own version!

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