Putting the “Budget” in Budget Bride…

Wedding planning is going to be a roller coaster – emotionally, mentally, and I’m starting to realize, motivationally. It’s so easy to browse online and “pin” my favorite ideas. And really, I suppose that’s¬†work. It’s just not the most productive¬†work. Now it’s time to hit the digital books and put a budget in place.

First lesson: when they say you’ll spend more than you thought you would, they were right. I went into this saying, “I’m going to try to have a $1000-$2000 wedding!” Once I realized I needed to factor the honeymoon in, I realized we were probably closer to $4000. I wasn’t super happy with it, but hey – this is under half of the conservative average wedding cost in America. Once I sat down and actually filled out my budget, line by line, that number slowly crept up.

I’m already planning on getting a lot of things for free or vastly discounted. I have connections for a few great deals on photography (super important for me), some ideas to greatly reduce the costs of food, and zero potential costs on an officiant, jewelry, and makeup. But folks, weddings is expensive – even if you do it on the cheap.

So by now you’re shaking your computer and screaming at me through your browser, “Tell me already!!! What’s your number?!?!” Simmah down na! *drum roll please*

Preliminary wedding budget = $5265

I have plans in place to bring in a little less than half that. So the coming months will be an ongoing effort to save like I’ve never saved before and cut costs wherever possible. Challenge accepted!

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