My Initiation Ceremony

This Saturday is the first day of Portland’s Bridal Show, a huge event with hundreds of vendors, thousands of spectators, and plenty of crazy brides. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Will I be a crazy bride? Will I want to scream and elope? There’s no telling, but one thing is for certain – this Saturday is sure to be an initiation ceremony into the life of planning a wedding.

I’ve been engaged barely two weeks and I’ll be stepping out of the “honeymoon” phase of the engagement into the “get shit done” phase. I want a fall wedding, so we’re at about the 10 month mark now. Hopefully the bridal show will get me the prep needed to start the planning off right! Thanks to my fiance for proposing at the right time.

Update after the show: Pictures of the show and the dress that caught my eye, after the jump!

Outside the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR:

Backup 328(Click here for  Instagram pic)

From the winding line above the show entrance – thousands of people attended!

Backup 329

A close-up of the bridal show sign at the entrance:

Backup 332

(Click here for  Instagram pic)

Love the lace and cut on this dress!


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